Bula, Kem Cho, Namaste & Hello

I was born in the Fiji Islands now I live
in the United States of America, I speak Gujarati, Hindi, and English. I
started this journey to educate my son and husband on the importance of
speaking multiple languages and having a tool for other parents to pass on
their native language and learn Gujarati

Little Linguist: Exploring the World Through Flash Cards!

  • Products

    How to learn Gujarati language? Our products are specially designed for basic vocabulary that is easy to read, learn Gujarati online and complement the colour of food and animals.

  • Translation

    Our products include English
    translation for words in the native language that is written in English words. They help to translate Gujarati to English, translate English to Gujarati, translate Hindi to English, translate English to
    Hindi etc. – basically help in learning 3 languages.

  • Design / Quality

    Our Products are made of great quality, durable, and produced in the USA and are effective to learn Gujarati and Hindi for beginners.

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  • Flashcards - Animals

    How to learn Gujarati easily? Our English to Gujarati pack is full of novelties and animals to be discovered.

    Includes 26 multilingual, double-sided flash cards featuring bright illustrations to make learning languages more fun! Learn Gujarati.

    Currently available in standard Hindi & Gujarati. Get the flashcards and learn Gujarati English and study Gujarati

  • Flashcards - Fruits & Nuts

    Let's make learning about fruits and nuts fun with this set of brightly illustrated flash cards.

    Currently available in standard

    Hindi and Gujarati. Learn Gujarati phrases and translate Gujarati to English, Hindi to English or vice versa

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About GKM

Gujarati Koala Mom (GKM) was inspired to bring family and friends together by communicating in their native language, learn Gujarati language, learn English language, learn Hindi language and passing on the culture to the next generation.

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