How the Idea of Creating Bilingual/Multilingual Journey started

How the Idea of Creating Bilingual/Multilingual Journey started

✨️It all started when I started reading to my son when he was a baby. I thought to myself " wouldn't it be nice, if there were gujarati or hindi translations in English words". That's when I thought of creating a fabric book for babies but since I couldn't find the right vendors. I came fell short and had to go with my last option which were flash cards.

✨️So now your thinking why not board books? Because babies and toddlers still put board books in their mouth and they eat it up like my son did. So that's when I thought, board books won't work for this.

✨️So, I came up with the idea of creating flash cards of how I possibility wanted the cards to look and than I hired an illustrator/designer. The picture you see is the first image of how the flash cards looked that I created to show my illustrator. They came up with few illustrations drawn.. I had to choose which drawing looked nice that I wanted to go with and than there's a whole different process of printing that took months to figure out.

✨️At first, I wanted to print them at home. I brought a brand new printer just for this product but then found out it wouldn't print in big batches, so that idea was thrown out of the window.

✨️Next, was finding printing places that would print with required measurements, material of flexibility, look and feel. This also took few months to decide which printing vendor to go with and making sure all the prints came out correctly.

🐨And then comes the final product with the packaging.

🐨This is just the beginning of the journey. There's so much more that's coming up in the future that I have for you all waiting. I cant wait for you all to see it and have it in your hands.

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